Dry Land Test 2

On Saturday (30th of May) we had our 2nd Dry Land Test. Our motto of the day: Check lists are very important and helpful!! They identify what needs assembling and testing and in what order, or else we just forget things (e.g. feed robot operators)!


Add checklist point: Feed robot operators

We wired everything together for the first time, but during debugging things got more and more chaotic, so before going outside for the actual testing we cleaned a bit


These were the outcomes from the testing:

  • Power supply works
  • ROS works
  • Motors and motor controls work, are set correctly via ROS
  • Wind speed and wind direction sensors work, publish correctly via ROS
  • Compass and GPS work but they had the wrong format in the ROS messages, so in the end we could not test our go-to-waypoint mission

Our wind sensor worked and so did our GPS and compass. It was too bad that we had no time left to fix the format in the ROS messages and couldn’t test our go-to-waypoint mission.



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