Monday -Prep day

7:30 in the morning, we got up for breakfast, and then headed off to the sailing club. We begin setting up our stuff. Indoors, the software team code their code ready, while outdoors the rest of us got the boat calibrated and waterproofed with silicone paste and electric tape. We then broke for lunch.



Setting up shop, prepping the boat



Our first on-actual-site testing begins!


Off to test the wifi range. It’s pretty good!



Hard at work!



Under a sunny, cloudless blue sky, we then began our first-ever water test in the very river itself.



Controlling Black Python in the open waters. Also tracking sensor data.

Pier controlled the boat via RC and Tony tracked data gotten from the sensors, as we trailed the Black Python on our rib. Overall, it could handle the waters well, although we seemed to lose RC connection at certain angles. After we were confident enough, we decided to switch the boat to autonomous mode. It started off smoothly for a good while. Afterwards however, we lost WiFi connection to it, and it started acting up. We had to switch the RC back on, and reeled it in to check the situation.

Turned out, the reason we got our problems was – drum roll – water leaked in, again. The culprit – gaps The multiplexer (again) got hit the hardest – a pin even fell off this time.


Pouring it all out


Tony, Thomas, Elisavet and Pier working on the Black Python, while Sophia and Sebastien look on..while I take this picture


Note the middle pin in the bottom-left triplet. Don’t see it? Exactly!

We drained the hull of its watery contents, and took the electronics out. After cooking up a  short game plan for tomorrow (‘more waterproofing’) we called it a day and headed for dinner.



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