Wednesday – Station Keeping

img_20160907_100716660Today was station keeping. The goal for today is: make your boat stay as close to a single point as possible for five minutes. The average of 95% of points closest to the destination point, in metres, becomes your final score. Therefore, the smaller the better. Also, yesterday’s results!


It’s OK when everyone else gets a DNS






The course location this time was quite a bit further up the river. We started the good ol’ calibration dance to set the new parameters. Then it was time to set off on the rib for the first “run”.



Calibration dancing under the Viana sun





Time to do nothing!

Today was so foggy, it was difficult to spot Black Python from land, if the distance didn’t already worsen matters. The winds and current also got really strong today, just like yesterday.



It’s probably there


Returning after a really long five minutes


In our first run, we got a radius of about 36m. In other words, we can do better. Luckily we got a chance for a second round later in the afternoon.
After the second try, we have good news and bad news. Bad news is we left the 20m circle in the first minute. The good news is if we ignored the points outside that circle, we got a score of 24m – better than the previous run. We’ll have to wait for tomorrow to see how we compare to our competitors.


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