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Meet our team!


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Sophia is the Sailing Robot Team Leader. Mainly this means that she starts all Wednesday meetings, listing what work needs doing, starting discussions for decisions that need to be made and checking that everyone knows what they are working on this week. Besides that, she works a lot with ROS, since she also uses it for her PhD in the area of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. Sometimes she writes posts for the blog as well. Sophia first got interested in sailing robots (and through that, sailing) during her MSc Project in this area.

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Tony is the leader of our hardware team. He is in charge of the lower lever electronics, coordinating who works on which system, designing the sensors and getting the servos working. He is especially looking forwards to adding more complex control to the sailing robot – once we have our basic systems working. Tony is a PhD student in Fluid Structure Interactions (FSI) research group and he is also a member of Southampton Hydro Team. When Sophia cannot attend, he is responsible to start the meetings on Wednesdays.

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Pier is a Ship Science student, and currently a summer intern in FSI, working on a Raspberry Pi ROV – his experience from our team will surely come in handy there! Usually though he is in charge of the boat construction, since he has a lot of hands on experience maintaining a (full scale) sailing boat. He designed our deck, making sure we have nothing on it that our sheets could get stuck on and we have a lot of space for batteries and electronics. Now he is in control of making said deck from carbon fibre, and assembling all the small parts that make our complete boat. So, with a HO HE HO HO, soon our Pi(e)rate ship will be finished and sailing the seven seas autonomously!

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Currently Intern at FSI, he is only in Southampton for a short time. By the time of the competition he will already be back in France! – But he is making sure he can still come to join us in Portugal. He has experience as a sailor and sailing model boats so he is contributing in a lot of places: Sebastian both understands race sailing and how to build an almost robotic boat. If he is not helping Pier with constructing the sailing boat, he is working on the wind sensors, researching wind vanes or debugging arduino code.

PS: It is also Sébastien who made our crowdfunding video and all the videos under our YouTube channel!

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